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Alpha 1.11 Update – Specific Spawn Zones, Performance Improvements, New Shield, Weapon And Backpack Graphics

Alpha 1.11 Update – Specific Spawn Zones, Performance Improvements, New Shield, Weapon And Backpack Graphics New in brief: Specific spawn zones. Performance and accuracy improvements on map listeners. Black Shield and Plate Shield has new graphics. Giant Sword, Broad Sword, Double Axe, Dragon Hammer, Fire Axe, Golden Sickle, Halberd,  Hand Axe, Katana, Long Sword, Serpent Sword, […]

Anty release notes (alpha 1.08)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.08) New in brief: Demon has new graphics. Snake has new graphics. Wooden Shield has new graphics. New monster: Behemoth.            Enhancements: Performance enhancements on several components. Monsters: Demon and Snake has new graphics. New monster: Behemoth has been added to Anty. Items: Wooden Shield has new graphics. Important notice: We’ve decided to postpone the beta release […]

Anty release notes (alpha 1.07)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.07) New in brief: Vampire has new graphics (by graphics designer Hemza Bensaci). New monster: Orc (by graphics designer Hemza Bensaci). Implementation of Anty as a PWA (Progressive Web App) has started.      Enhancements: Major performance enhancements on Highscore. UI alterations on Highscore. Performance enhancements on Hotkey and Backpack functionality. Bugs: Fixed double vision […]

Anty release notes (alpha 1.06)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.06) New in brief: Cyclops, Troll, Swamp Troll has new graphics (by graphics designer Hemza Bensaci). New monster: Fire Troll (by graphics designer Hemza Bensaci). Major implementation on battle performance.        Enhancements: UI improvements on monsters. Major rewrite on battle performance (players should now get instant updates when attacking monsters). Monsters: Improvements on […]

Anty release notes (alpha 1.05)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.05) New in brief: Cheese, Ham, Fish, Dragon Ham, Gem of Range has new graphics (created by graphics designer Jack Bohm). Mummy has new graphics. New Feature: Hotkey (players are now able to place a food item on game footer hotkey for easy accessibility).                Enhancements: UI improvements on monsters. UI […]

Release Notes: (alpha 1.04)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.04) New in brief: Cave Rat and Rabbit has new graphics (created by graphics designer Jack Bohm). New Feature: Gem Of Range (item that will higher the attacking range of a player for 60 seconds, buy it from NPC Sven).                      Enhancements: UI improvements […]

Release Notes: (alpha 1.03)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.03) New in brief: Showing top 100 players on Highscore. Added rank number to Highscore. Added player level on chat messages. Implemented safety warning and awareness information when game loaded. Enhancements: Changed monster attacking range from 6 to 7 meters. Performance improvements on Highscore. Minor adjustments on ExperienceTable. Higher duration on authentication […]

Release Notes: (alpha 1.02)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.02) New Features: Players can now sell looted items from monsters to NPC Sven in exchange for gold. Enhancements: Implemented detailed error feedback on create account and authentication page. UI improvements on highscore UI improvements on game and trade chat. Implemented scroll on game and trade chat. Fixed the stack order of several elements. Bugfixes: […]