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Release Notes: (alpha 1.04)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.04)

New in brief:

  • Cave Rat and Rabbit has new graphics (created by graphics designer Jack Bohm).
  • New Feature: Gem Of Range (item that will higher the attacking range of a player for 60 seconds, buy it from NPC Sven).

Anty.io - Gem Of Range                    


  • UI improvements on feedback messages.
  • Beautified highscore when loading.
  • Removed hyphen on game and trade chat messages.
  • Removing rendered message elements when not active.
  • Made modal closing area larger.


  • Minor bugfix on backpack UI.
  • Minor bugfix on highscore UI.
  • Fixed modal closing issue on iOS/Android.


  • Fixed relative height and width on monsters (Rabbit, Cave Rat, Cyclops and Demon).
  • Modified droprate on vampire shield.
  • Changed monster entering transition to below instead of above.


  • Modified selling price on vampire shield.


Anty.io - Rabbit and Cave Rat in-game
Anty.io – Rabbit and Cave Rat in-game
Anty.io - Gem Of Range In Backpack
Anty.io – Gem Of Range In Backpack
Anty.io - Buy Gem Of Range from NPC Sven
Anty.io – Buy Gem Of Range from NPC Sven

The game will automatically be updated when you login on play.anty.io or just reload the game.

44 days until beta release.

A wave of polish players, they love MMORPG

This weekend Anty received a wave of polish players.

If you have experience with playing the MMORPG Tibia, you most likley know that the polish audience love playing that game. The Anty chat went totally crazy in polish all weekend. Which now made me consider creating a chat for polish players only.

Anty Game Chat - Crazy In Polish
Anty Game Chat – Crazy In Polish

For the time beeing Anty is similair to Tibia. But it actually started as a side project outside of working hours with one single idea:

Wouldn’t it be great to play a fantasy game in real-life with features Pokémon GO did not deliver?

I’m talking about walking alogside your real-life friends on the map, attacking the same targets, helping eachother out in sticky situations, seeing the same monsters, dropping loot to eachother, trading, all in real-time and in real-life. I really and truly believe there’s a market for a game like this.

Which now brings you Anty, an alternative to Pokémon GO with real-life MMORPG fantasy in mind.

And for people who did not like Pokémon GO i feel like Anty is one of the only real alternatives on the market right now. Even if you’re more into other MMORPG’s like RuneScape, Guild Wars 2, Eldevin, Eternal Land, Albion Online, EVE Online or World of Warcraft. And feel like the real-life part is missing. Anty is the game for you, it gives MMORPG another dimension with the real-life aspect added to it.

A shootout to Maxigashi and Wiecznie Leniwy who was the main sources for the “Polish wave of players”.

The polish players mostly came from player Maxigashi’s YouTube video (In Polish)

Wiecznie Leniwy also made a video playing Anty.io (In Polish)

Release Notes: (alpha 1.03)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.03)

New in brief:

  • Showing top 100 players on Highscore.
  • Added rank number to Highscore.
  • Added player level on chat messages.
  • Implemented safety warning and awareness information when game loaded.


  • Changed monster attacking range from 6 to 7 meters.
  • Performance improvements on Highscore.
  • Minor adjustments on ExperienceTable.
  • Higher duration on authentication error messages.


  • Minor bugfix on monster generator.


  • Damage and loot adjustments on Vampire.
  • Damage and loot adjustments on Dragon.
  • Added Mummy.


  • Added Black Shield.


Anty safety warning and awareness information
Anty safety warning and awareness information
Anty Top 100 Highscore - The World
Anty Top 100 Highscore – The World

The game will automatically be updated when you login on play.anty.io or just reload the game.

50 days until beta release.

Release Notes: (alpha 1.02)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.02)

New Features:

  • Players can now sell looted items from monsters to NPC Sven in exchange for gold.


  • Implemented detailed error feedback on create account and authentication page.
  • UI improvements on highscore
  • UI improvements on game and trade chat.
  • Implemented scroll on game and trade chat.
  • Fixed the stack order of several elements.


  • Fixed issue where chat window sometimes doesn’t scroll to bottom.


  • Increased droprate on Vampires.


  • Code cleanup on shop functionality.
  • Minor adjustments on experience table.
  • Fixed spelling errors.


Anty MMO - Sell items to NPC Sven
Anty MMO – Sell items to NPC Sven

The game will automatically be updated when you login on play.anty.io.

55 days until beta release.

Successful feedback engagement on Reddit

Subreddit: /r/gamedev/ rules

This sunday (23/4-2017) i released a link to Anty on subreddit: /r/gamedev/ asking for gameplay feedback. The response in my opinion is more than i could hope for. Anty website received 3985 uniqe visitors and about 500 players signed up for the game (between 23/4 and 24/4).

Countries included in top 10 visitors: United States, Poland, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil and France.

A total of 110 comments were made on the Reddit post. Here’s a summary of the feedback (Have in mind that this is a list of the feedback which doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be fixed or implemented, everything will definitely be considered tho):

  • If it’s on my screen I should be able to fight it. – Tetsero.
  • This is the kind of game I could play if it was an Android app. – Tetsero
  • Maybe consider showing enemies based on relative speed of the player. That way, if they are going too fast, the enemies wont spawn while they are driving. – DeadEyeDev
  • I actually like the short range, but making monsters avoid the highway and busy streets is probably a good idea. – crabycowman123
  • Make the range bigger for the love of god – OliverAge24Artist
  • I think it’s important to have break spots in this sort of game. I’m thinking Dungeon, Campsite, Homebase, Village in peril, etc. – coleowing
  • Seeing players in real-time on the map could be a security issue, possibly. – crabycowman123
  • Would be cool to have quests or something added in the future. – minderaser
  • Item selling is not implemented so my inventory is getting quite cluttered. – minderaser
  • It’s also not clear what equipment slots there are. – minderaser
  • Seems to also spawn a lot of low level monsters which is annoying cause they give me 0exp but take up a spawn slot. – minderaser
  • Having some visual indication that an enemy is too high level to attack (or just not displaying it) might be good. I get frustrated with a nearby enemy that I can’t interact with in any way. – RaltzKlamar
  • I’m sure lowering barrier to entry will only improve your userbase (offer account creation) – themcs
  • I seriously hope this ends up like RuneScape GO, that would be a great game I have yet to see something similar to! – xyifer12
  • Seems fun. I like the PVE even tho it’s pretty basic right now. – Is_Kub
  • I wonder how the PVP would work. Am I suppose to beat the person IRL if he beats me ingame? – Is_Kub
  • I guess you have alot ahead of you now, but I’ll try to keep an eye open for updates on your site. Any twitter or RSS we can follow?  – Is_Kub
  • Account creation feedback – biluinaim
  • I’m having trouble displaying the site on my phone. Granted, I’m using a 4 year old S4 mini – OmegaPiggi
  • Facebook login doesn’t work on my PC, but it works on my phone – crabycowman123
  • Guest Accounts? – UnfortunatelyHelp04
  • Also think about google+ – UnfortunatelyHelp04
  • The loading JS splashscreen is useless but will block anyone having JS turned off – ReinomFr
  • Maybe style the map in such a way that it looks like a game. – jontelang

Other than that we had several powergamers during this period which is amazing and impressive to see:

  • zslayern reached level 15
  • cequella and ELOL reached level 11.
  • Matt and FloorMat reached level 8.
  • Tetsero, SzybkaNoga and Zeropoints reached level 7.
  • Hudson, Gorki, Ainuwolf, Papaya, OliverAge24 and Ignorammus reached level 6.
  • 1001010011, DireMitten, lucasheap, Mortal and EliasH reached level 5.
Anty Highscore Top 20 (25/4/2017)
Anty Highscore Top 20 (25/4/2017)
Anty on Reddit
Anty on Reddit


Release Notes: (alpha 1.01)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.01)

New Features:

  • Players can now buy a variety of foods from NPC Sven with looted gold from monsters.


  • UI improvements on game chat and trade chat.
  • UI improvements on game footer.
  • Modified game title to sync with website.


  • Fixed highscore update issue.


  • Code cleanup on add items to backpack functionality.
  • Changed favicon on the game.


anty npc sven buy food
Buy food from NPC Sven

The game will automatically be updated when you login on play.anty.io.

61 days until beta release.

Anty: Feature Summary (alpha)

Overview (not in depth) summary on features currently available on Anty.


  • Login with email and password
  • Login with facebook
  • Logout


  • Walking around on map in real life using geolocation
  • Real time collaboration with nearby players on map
  • Attacking monsters withing 6 meters
  • Calculated damage on player from attacking monster
  • Calculated damage on monster from attacking player
  • Level upgrade based on killed monsters and experience
  • Level downgrade based on death and experience
  • Calculated monster generator
  • Calculated item drop from monsters
  • Looting monsters
  • Adding items on map to backpack
  • Droping items on your location from backpack
  • Selecting active weapon from backpack
  • Selecting active shield from backpack
  • Attacking damage based on monster, level and active weapon
  • Defence damage based on monster, level and active shield
  • NPC Sven (buy items)
  • Game chat nearby
  • Trade chat nearby
  • World wide Highscore

Anty: First Look (alpha)

Anty is a In Real Life MMO Game inspired by Tibia and PokémonGO. It’s currenly in alpha. Here’s a first look on the game.

Attacking a Cyclops
Attacking a Cyclops
Open player backpack
Open player backpack

Feel free to try it out by yourself on: play.anty.io (with restriction that things can change and the game might be reseted when it reaches a beta version).

We recommend using Google Chrome on a mobile device for ultimate game experience.